Narrating a journey to self discovery, ‘UN;PRETEND’ was inspired by Catherine’s own personal ongoing phase of navigating and building herself; transposing intrapersonal growth into fashion. UN;PRETEND’s concept revolves around the idea of sincerity and acknowledging that people tend to be a mix of characteristics, constantly changing and adapting. The colour palette is designed to suit the evolving mood for each garments- of nostalgic grey mauve, aloof shades of grey and airy sky blue. The garments are diversely designed in terms of historical and cultural inspiration as well as components, leaving space for androgyny styling.
‘UN;PRETEND’ is composed of garments created out of various sources of memories and responses throughout the pandemic; expressing what she saw, heard, uttered and processed into multiple contemporary designs of prints and silhouettes. Sustainable fabrics are key components of ‘UN;PRETEND’ collection.

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